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Engine Heart 99E9F0 2013 Hardcover Edition, featuring both the Engine Heart rulebook, the Power and Light module, and the Kickstarter-exclusive minimod Once Upon a Time!

Throughout the Kickstarter, these minimods were created and unlocked thanks to the overwhelming support of the backers! Now you can download all four minimods in one convenient file!


Miscellaneous Extras:

 A blank form-fillable Engine Heart character sheet in .pdf form.
Reboot, Recharge, Recycle - an introductory micro-module designed to be used as an in-store demo game. This micromod features fully fleshed-out PRs with descriptions of their Features and Defects, a simple plot, and several situations designed to ease new players into the Engine Heart system!

If your store received a print copy, note that the description of the LawnJock's Disposal feature is slightly different than the text in the main rulebook. The Programmer should use the text as presented in the rulebook. This electronic version has the corrected text.

More fun stuff:

Thanks to the ever-excellent Jim Bowen, you can download papercraft templates the mascot and its friends! Click the image to download all the templates in a single .rar file.

A high-resolution .pdf of the
Kickstarter-exclusive sticker sheet!

Errata in printed editions